Hail Damage Conference 2019

Hail Damage Conference 2019

08.00 am
Coffee / Breakfast with the foxes
Introduction to this year’s Hail-Damage-Conference
Karl-Heinz Fuchs & Petra Bindl
Welcome: Hail Innovations 2019
Panel: The technologies of repair with the
Dents Stabilizator: Marjan Kurež & Petra Bindl
Virtual Hail-Scanner Marketplace
Corinna Wenig (tbc)
Karl-Heinz Fuchs
Petra Bindl
Keynote Hail-Scanner Drive N Scan
Dhruv Kasavala
12.00-14.00 Lunch
14:15-14:45Hail-Repair-Management 4.0
Joshua Bücher – Gründer bei PDR.cloud
14:45-15:15Speed Networking & Coffee-Break
15:20-15:40Safe use of drones for appraisers
Michael Radeck
15:40-16:00Aerial Photography with Full Service by FairFleet
Dario Manns
16:00-16:30Round of discussion with all speakers

Returning again this year is the Hail Damage Conference – the legendary industry get-together of all specialists involved with hail -damage, -insurance and -repair – in Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart.

The “Pope of Hail” Carl Fuchs invites you to join his meet-up at the Neckar-Forum, where on the 9th and 10th of April 2019, experts from all across the Globe will deal with the topic of hail damage on cars and the industry leaders will share best practices and know-how about the repair and calculation of hail damage on cars.

For the past decade this socializer in the world of hail has been the kick-off event of the annual hail season in Europe.

Participate and register if you are a professional in the world of hail damage, interested in the European -market or simply want to use the synergies – created by participating insurances, damage appraisers and repair companies – which are so special about this event.P

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